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This degree/diploma combination opens doors for you to a broad range of career opportunities such as computer animation, video game design and development, digital video and audio effects, user interface design, multimedia development, dynamic web application design and e-commerce, as well as many others. The real essence is that the commonality between these disciplines enables you to take classes that gear you towards a variety of career paths.

Program Overview

The Interactive Multimedia and Design (IMD) program provides multidisciplinary education in diverse, yet connected, subject matter such as: computer animation and video effects, game design and development, virtual reality systems, graphic design, 3D visualization, human computer interaction (HCI) and electronic commerce.

Your education will focus on the entire design process from initial concept all the way through to final realisation. The IMD program is aimed at students who have a potential for being artistically creative and technologically adept; students who have a keen interest in designing the next generation of multimedia rich applications and products.

Advantages of the Program

The world around you is rapidly changing and as a student of today and the designer of tomorrow, you will need a well-rounded practical experience with a strong theoretical education upon which you can build a lifetime career in the ever-changing world in which we live.

The BIT degree gives you the tools you need to start with a problem and move through the entire process from concepts, to the design, prototyping, testing and delivery of the final product. You will learn how to realize the ideas that you imagine today, determine what products are needed, how they are built and how people will use them.

Upon graduation you will be well equipped to work in and shape the digital world of the 21st century.