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Network Technology

With direct input from industry, we are able to keep pace both with your needs and those of industry! Carleton University and Algonquin College have entered into a unique partnership to offer a combined Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree and diploma. The Network Technology (NET) program provides a multidisciplinary education and practical experience in such diverse but connected subjects as remote access networking, IT security issues, network simulation and modelling, and the physics of communications.

Program Overview

Information networks will continue to grow at a fast pace and will play an essential role in tomorrow's society.

Expansion of these networks and the evolution of the technology supporting them will require a new breed of professionals with considerable knowledge skills and hands-on training. In order to achieve this goal, the NET curriculum is a unique blend of computer and network technology courses with courses in physics, mathematics, communications, and social sciences.

The NET program is focused on the design, installation, operation and management of future complex information networks. For a list of the courses offered in the Network Technology program please click here.

Advantages of the Program

As a student of today and network professional of tomorrow, you need a well-rounded education, a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, on which to build a career.

In this program, you not only explore theories and concepts, but also learn by doing. You move from design, installation and operations of advanced IT networks to reconfiguring networks to meet users' needs and to analyzing the role of IT networks in an organization. In this way, you graduate with the ability both to work in the field and to shape its future.

This program opens doors for you to a broad range of career opportunities. See the list of potential careers that are available to you once you graduate.

Cisco Certification

Besides the College diploma and the University degree, the NET program also covers the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certifications. These two certifications demonstrate your knowledge and skills to manage small size to large scale networks. This includes, but is not limited to: network protocols, security threats, wireless networking and how to integrate voice into the network.

These Cisco certifications enjoy a worldwide recognition. They bring valuable expertise and are considered as a huge asset by employers.

Network Technology Video

In order to give you a full understanding of the Network Technology Program, we have created this video that covers some of the more pertinent points