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The Photonics and Laser Technology (PLT) program provides a multidisciplinary education and practical experience in such diverse but connected subjects such as: laser physics, optical system design, bio-photonics, fibre optic telecommunication, laser machining, and holography.

Our faculty work closely with industry through applied research projects and our cooperative student placements; thus, so are able to keep pace with the both your needs and the rapid pace of change in the industry and supply the needs of this diverse & dynamic industry.

Program Overview

Photonics and Laser technology has impacted virtually all segments of society and industry, from the way we communicate, harness energy from the sun, manufacture automobiles and aircraft, measure our world ?(including many important new medical instruments and laser-based therapies) and ?entertain ourselves with colourful displays in all sizes and shapes.

The growth of these diverse, but linked, optical technology based sectors is inevitable and will require broadly trained professionals able to contribute to the evolution of the industry. The training required involves both a solid grounding in theory as well as a considerable level of experience in relevant hands on skills. The PLT curriculum is an effective blend of laser, optic and photonic technology courses with courses in physics, mathematics, communications, and social sciences.

The PLT program is focused on the fundamental theory and applications of ?laser and photonic components and systems. For a list of the courses offered in the Photonics and Laser Technology program please click here.

Advantages of the Program

The modern student and future professional in the Laser and Photonic field requires a well-rounded education, with a solid blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, on which to build a career.

In the PLT program, which is characteristic of the joint degrees offered by Carleton and Algonquin, you not only explore theories and concepts, but also learn by doing. You move from your fundamental studies and hands-on classes to real world training through Applied Research Projects, our co-operative experience and final year project.?These opportunities provide you with a rich understanding of how companies operate, allowing you to hit the ground running as you begin on your career. ?With the skills that you acquire in the PLT program you will not only be capable of working in the photonics sector but could have a hand in shaping its future.?

Workplaces and Career paths

This program opens doors for you to a broad range of career opportunities. See the list of potential careers and companies that are available once you graduate.

Photonics & Laser Technology Industry News

We have assembled a few video segments on YouTube that will give you a flavor of the breadth of this exciting program area.